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i'm taking a break for a little while. delete me if you must, but i shall return.

I'm home with Christian for a little while. he's off work, i called in "sick." oliver actually freaked out and panic-called me about 120 times.

Jason also called me a few nights ago. I called him a bleeding wanker and to fuck off. I really can't deal with his crap right now.
my life's going ok.
Oliver's going back and forth, between work, hanging out with me, going to Villa games with me...
I'm still working. I hate it, but I'm still there.
i miss oliver and plan on calling him as soon as i am done here.

AVFC lost to Man U yesterday. horrible.

I think i'm getting sick.

The London Premiere of Sweeney Todd is in two days. I think Oliver is going to take me.
He's been hinting.

And he better. Because lord knows i need a pick me up.

Why I continue with Livejournal, i have no clue.

I need to call Oliver.

and Christian.

more so Oliver, i want to weasel the premiere out of him
which will most likely go down like this

Me- "Ollie!"
Oliver- "Laylaa"
Me- "I hate my life, lets do something on January 10"
Oliver- "Ok, I'll let you know ASAP"
Oliver- "AND ASTON VILLA WILL NEVER DIE. Sweeney Todd, you, me, and tickets. Come?"
Me-" Yes, thanks. Call me when you get off."
Oliver- "Can do. Peace."

I am so lame.

just a few things

I want to talk about my brother.
Christian's 29 (just turned it on October 3)
He looks so much unlike me that I think one of us is adopted.
However, we both are kinda short (compared to the giraffes in our family), but he never fails to mention he's 9 years and three inches taller.
He's so into Shakespeare it is INSANE. But that really helped when I was in school and needed help.
He's rather handsome, for a brother, dare i say
he has NO FRECKLES (how he worked that out is beyond me) and has this gorgeous dark brown hair. We used to tease him and say "Baby Jesus was born on your hair"
he doesn't think it's very funny anymore, but it'd good to try
his laugh is amazing and making him laugh is one of my favorite things
its great living in London, i get to see so much more of him.
& thats my famous (to me) big brother, who I really love more than anyone in the world

i cut myself out of the below picture because i looked like an arse

Dec. 28th, 2007

christmas was iffy.
terribly iffy.

the day itself was fantastic but the aftermath was enough to last a lifetime.

December 21
i moved to London.
I live with Cassie and It was the greatest decision I have ever made.

December 22
Got some last minute shopping done. bought december boys and watched it with cassie.
lovely movie. i reccomend it to anyone

December 24
Drove back to Liverpool. My Mum's side was all there and we went to midnight mass and opened one present back at home.

December 25
woke up so early, opened presents with the family, drove over to Aunt Gertie's, had breakfast, opened more presents
i got:
I new ipod
some abercrombie clothes
harry potter box set of all the books (i have them all already, but it was in chest!!)
Lots of makeup
My favorite perfume (STELLA)
A new purse

I spent one more night at Liverpool and drove home (egad! thats London now!!) around noon Dec 26

December 26
Jude knocks on my door.
He says, and I quote:
"I don't think we are right for each other, and I want to stop seeing you."
Our relationship wasn't that long, but the fact that it was RIGHT after Christmas hurt me the most.

December 26
Fuck men. the whole lot of them.

December 26
Oliver thinks it will be grand to show up to give my my Christmas present.
Gets screamed at by me, and being the good man he is, screams right back.

this goes on for a while, then i calm down.
he got me a new Aston Villa scarf.
I got him Aston Villa stickers for his car, and a beanie.
great minds think alike.

December 27
I sleep in forever and a day.
Make a mental note that all men are lazy sods.

so that's been my holiday thus far, can't promise anything better is on the horizon.

I feel like dying my hair blonde. i used to be so proud of being a ginger. not so much anymore.

Life is just so damn frustrating. i need a hug.
well jason flew home.
i gave him a hug goodbye but didn't tell him any thing super important.

i have jude. i shouldn't dwell on jason. which wont stop me from thinking about him i suppose.

Going out with Oliver, James, Jude and Cassie tomorrow. should be fun.

I need a good weekend with my friends.

No one's been really posting comments on my entries and i'm feeling used.
People say they will, and they don't

i know I'm not perfect, but i try as often as i can.

so here's a conversation starter.

Ask me ANY question about me. Nothing is off limits.
Post as Anonymous if you'd like.
Good god, you bloody American boy. how angry you make me.
i'm GLAD you are flying home to LA tomorrow. And I'm GLAD i'm not the one driving you to the airport.

I never thought I'd get sick of those big, (gorgeous) brown eyes. But here I am, bloody CRYING, mascara running down my face as my fingers frantically look for the keys, and i hear the reassuring sound of click-click-click. I don't love him. I can't love him.He's just been my best friend for GOD KNOWS how long and he goes and...

I don't even want to say it.

Funny thing is, I'm not even crying over what he did. I'm somewhat over that. I'm crying over HIM. His existence. Or perhaps (and this is more likely)  I miss his silliness. His laughter. His need to call me in the wee hours of the morning, snorting great belly laughs over the phone.

He's my best friend. He's the Ron to my Hermione.

He's knows all my secrets. Can I really just let him fly home without at least a hug?
No. I cannot.

Because, deep down, i think i'm in love with him.

he's just some silly boy that i became friends with so many years ago. and i love how photogenic he is in black and white. and the way he chews him thumb when hes nervous.

My cousin, Seamus, came in from Ireland last night. He's always so much fun to hang around with. 
Jude and I are officially an item :)

Aston Villa's been doing quite well this season. Liverpool as well.

I think I may move to London. I'm getting rather sick (GASP!) of the Liverpool scene. London's so EXOTIC (for me at least)

Me and Seamus are going up to London tomorrow.
Movie time now!

new romance for christmastime

Jason and I didn't really work out. We tried, but it was so hard to convert from best mates to a relationship. I was upset at first, but I soon got over it. Especially after meeting Jude.
He was everything that Jason wasn't. Jude is tall, brunette and slightly tanned. Not a fake tan, but a tan from spending his holidays in the Mediterranean. Jude has a MUCH better sense of humor. He's totally gorgeous, if it's not to bold of me to say. Jude doesn't have the family history that Jason does, which is a very nice change.

I'm just hesitant to dive into this. Robert, Jason...will Jude be next?
I hope not; theres something in those sea green eyes that I've never seen before. His grin lights up my life.

Oh how I remember the first time I saw him. My friend works in publishing and Jude is one of her superiors. She dragged me to an early holiday party in London and he was standing there, all six feet of him. He had this pinstriped suit on, with this light blue button up. I felt disgusting, in a yellow pleated Chiffon dress and black tights. I must have looked like some sort of bumblebee. I was trying to enjoy the party, mingle with some new people, but he was just standing there, talking to HIS superiors and laughing the night away. I wanted to talk to him so badly, and I finally got my wish.
I was getting some champagne and I felt someone jostle me. I turned around to say pardon me, (I know it wasn't my fault, call it my Wales upbringing) and there was Jude. I'll try to make a transcript of our conversation.
Jude: "Hello, you don't work here, do you?"
Me: "Oh no, I live in Liverpool."
Jude: "Ah, I can tell. You accent is gorgeous."
Me: (blush)
Jude: "So what's a pretty Liverpool girl like you doing in dirty old London?"
Me: "London? Dirty? HAH. You haven't been to Liverpool lately, huh? I'm a friend of Cassie."
Jude: "Ah. Well, fancy a walk with me?"
Me: "Of course."

And we swiftly exited the party and headed out for the streets of London.
It was quite romantic, and then I mentioned I had to be catching the train home. Jude answered, "This may sound a bit forward, having just met, but would you at all be interested in staying at my flat? We could get to know one another better."
I obliged, something I never do, but he was a gentleman. He gave me his bed while he slept on the couch in the sitting room.
We've been an item ever since.

A bit too gushy? Too good to be true? You tell me. Please.
i feel bad for not writing for a while.
work's been killer.
so i'm going to unwind and do 100 have I ever's

Just a first entry to get started.

I think i'll start with my day.

Today was a bit boring. I went to work and Jason was acting like quite the idiot. I love hanging out with him though, and i wouldn't trade what we have for the world. after that, we went out and grabbed some lunch at The Swan.

I think tomorrow I'm going to call in sick. I need a break. I've been working FOREVER it seems.

It's almost nine. I'm going to grab some chips and watch the telly.