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wow. i am quite behind the times.
i've been fraternizing with my old mates and haven't read any gossip columns.

1. Lily Allen is a blonde

She is still super gorgeous. I really don't know why people are fussing.  I like it. I wish i had the nerve to change my hair color so drastically.

2. Ashlee Simpson is getting married to Pete Wentz.

Hate her. He's OK.
But i really hate her hair, let's lay this on the table.
Being a redhead is a honor, and if you want to dye your hair, make it look real, not like cat piss.

3. Posh's Jeans are Dropped in American Stores

Love her. But the Beckham's should have stayed in England. I'd buy the bleeding jeans.

On a side, personal note.
There is a new man in my life.
Things with Dhani never progressed, and now he is my boss, so that's weird.
I met this lad while in London for work.
I sound like such a whore.
I'm not, I promise.
I am just very unlucky in love.
Anyway. Here is James.

sorry for the grainy picture.
my computer wasn't agreeing with my camera.
James really wanted this picture taken. It's pretty cute.

If anyone still reads my entries. I'd love to hear any comments at all! :)
wow i haven't updated in forever.

Paris was wonderful. merveilleux?
i was a poor french student.

i have moved back to Liverpool.

however, I am not living with my mum, i have my OWN little house.
It's actually quite near, 20 Forthlin Road, Paul McCartney's childhood home.

back of Paul's house.
looks a lot like mine. hmmm.

I work for DH, Dhani got me the job.
I don't have to go into London that often, because I know Dhani, which is wonderful.
I hate the drive/train ride

bloody hell.
I'm going to Paris for a long weekend starting tomorrow. With Christian and Ollie and Cassie. God do I need it.
I quit my job.
I think i'm going to work at DHR with Dhani.
I'll call him when I get home.

Gotta go pack.
See you when I get back.

I am a gear rhymer.
1. Leave me a casual comment of no particular significance, like a lyric to your current favorite song, your favorite kind of sandwich, or maybe your favorite game. Any remark, meaningless or not.
2. I will respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in your own post.
5. When others respond with a desultory comment, you will ask them five questions.
a_lil_spaz ask me:

1. How many electrical appliances are turned on in your room right now?
My old record player, the computer, and a few lights. And I think thats it.
2. You host a party. How many people are there?
It may be better off to name the people I'd invite. Christian, Cassie, Ollie, Seamus, Dhani, a few people from work, and my old friends Jamie and Dorean from Liverpool
3. What was the last job interview you had for?
I'm actually trying to get out of teaching ballet and working for the BBC (please do not ask why) so I had an interview a few days ago, don't think it went to well.
4. What time did you wake up today? I ask because I woke up at 1pm...
10:30 slept in. Didn't have class until 2:00
5. What's your favourite piece of furniture in your house?
My bed. Or this huge overstuffed couch in front of the telly. I sleep on there more than my bed, actually.
oh. my. goodness.
I am speechless.
Our date was PERFECT.

We went to such a nice place. Not a pub or little diner, where I so frequently haunt, but a nice ACTUAL sit down, dress up dinner. I wore this dress I hadn't worn in ages. It was emerald green and so pretty (and small!) i felt so awkward in it. I loved the colour, and it was fantastic that I still fit in it!
So we ate, and then took a little walk, just talking. But he looked so good, I'd space out and he'd have to repeat the question he was asking. His eyes are so dark, so brooding. It's fantastic. I seriously get lost in them.(Sounds so repulsive, I suppose. And I never thought that would be the case, but it's so fantastically true) He's such a sweetheart. He loves his family so much. His dad died a few years back, and I cannot imagine how hard that was for him. My bleeding father left when I was 2, so I never knew him, but I assume he was an arsehole.

After we ate and talked, Dhani decided to forgo the cabbie and take the Tube home. So there we were, me in my evening gown, and him in his sharp black pants with matching jacket and white button up, complete with tie (looking oh so like his father) giggling like goons as people stared. It was probably one of the most romantic moments of my life.

When we got to my door, Dhani kissed my hand, bowed and said, "I must bid you adieu m'lady."
I buried my face in my hands as I turned magenta and giggled some more.
As he turned away, I grabbed his hand and gave him the most passionate (i hope) kiss.

I called Dhani back today, my fingers shaking, my breath nearly gone.
He picked up, his lovely voice seemed to float across the telephone lines.
"Yeah, hi Dhani, it's Layla."
"Layla! I assume you got my message. Your mum gave me your number."
"Yes, and I'd love to catch up with you sometime."
"Excellent! Are you in London now?"
"Does tomorrow at six work?"
"Well, I can pick you up. But I need directions."
I gave them to him, we bade each other goodbye, and i hung up.
I can't believe it.

He makes me so nervous. My stomach just flip flops, and my throat feels to close, and my tongue just swells. And then I turn into the biggest Scouser ever. I talk so fast, with so much slang that it's rather hard to believe he understands every lick. Thank God his dad was a Scouse, or we'd both be lost and I'd look such the fool.

I'm so nervous.
oh my. heath ledger. RIP. he made quite good films.

on another, completley unrelated note.
my third cousin stormed off the set of an american telly programme.
good for him! stand up for your music.

Jan. 20th, 2008

i got all the way home London  safe and sound and then i get this message on my mobile. It's Dhani. I haven't seen/heard from him since i was like 13. He probably got my digits from Mum, crazy woman.
He wants to get together soon, and just catch up.
I don't think I'm ready for this.

Oh  and did I mention, I had the hugest crush on him since i was like 5. and i make a huge fool of meself everytime he's around. last time, i was so nervous, i threw up all over him.

Do you have a garage?
mum pulled out the family tree, and according to it I am somehow related to Mr. Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr.

not directly, but 3rd cousins or so.

I told Cassie and she was like ARE YOU GONNA GET MONEY FROM HIM?
and I said, "No! I don't want/need his money. I make a steady income and I quite satisfied with said income."
She can be such an idiot sometimes.

I met him a few years ago. And I'll admit it, I went insane. I screamed. I acted like and idiot. He just laughed and gave me a hug. I'm pretty sure I fainted after that because all I remember was how awesome he smelled and then nothing.

Going back to London in like, what 45 minutes? Shite, I have to catch the train.

(why am i thanking you?)oh well, TA!
my ipod wont connect with my computer, completely doing my head in.
i need to knit something
still in liverpool. christian headed back to London this morning
I heard Macca is is town. oh come off of it. Utterly gobsmacked that people believe this shite.

Oh i was walking around this afternoon, saw an old schoolmate of mine. we'd sag off together back in the day (we wern't really mixers or anything, we were kids) and it was gear to see her again. So we went into the pub and got some fish and chips and giggled until the manager told us to belt up and we just left. She had to go to work and said I should be getting back.

Had my first jam butty in the longest time.

I think i'll head out tonight.

wow, this entry was filled with slang
i'm a bit too lazy to edit it like i usually do, so if you want to talk like a scouser like me, ask me what i'm talking about!